Wildlife on King Island Accommodation

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King Island abounds with wildlife, it’s everywhere.

The most obvious are the wallabies, there’s the Bennetts Wallaby which is the most prevalent followed by the smaller Rufous Wallaby or Tasmanian Pademelon, their combined population is a wopping 700,000; on an island that’s only about 65kms long and 25 kms wide with a tiny population of only about 1400 souls, that’s what’s called an abundance.
You only need to see what’s around your King Island accommodation to get a feel for it.

There’s the Echidnas, they appear regularly waddling along in search of ants to consume.
Possums galore – the most populous is the Brush-tailed Possum, they’re everywhere followed by the much smaller cute, Ring-tailed Possum and the shy Eastern Pygmy Possum.

The Platypus is no stranger to King Island either, they are plentiful.

The Fairy Penguins (Little Penguin) have rookeries spread around the coast line. At dusk they come out of the ocean and waddle to their respective homes and if you sit still enough they’ll walk right over your feet. They are really very cute, let us know here at King Island Accommodation Cottages and we’ll tell you how to get there and we’ll even supply camp stools for you.

Snakes? You bet! Tiger, Copperhead and White-lip are the local species. All are very poisonous but the rule pretty much is snakes don’t want to bother you if you don’t bother them. People do have this weird attitude that if they see a snake they must try to kill it; this is where most people get bitten. They are a beautiful animal and just need to be left alone.

You’ll always come across a wandering Blue-tongued Lizard, they’re friendly little guys but lock up your strawberries.

Wild Turkeys, Peacocks, Pheasants, Quail, Ducks, Swans and Geese are scattered all around the island and if you throw in the huge amount of cows, horses, sheep and goats you will star to understand just how much animal life this little island can and does sustain.

The plentiful birdlife here is a truly amazing also but that’s for a story for another day.

See for yourself and come and visit us.

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