The Calcified Forest on King Island Accommodation

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We know that it will probably be difficult rising out of the very comfortable and peaceful beds at King Island Accommodation Cottages, but once you surface, jump into the shower, have a sumptuous breakfast, probably consisting of locally sourced ‘real’ free range eggs, bacon and famous King Island cheese and a nice hot cup of coffee or tea, then you’ll be all set to go.

An interesting way to spend a day of your holidays depart Naracoopa and drive in a South Westerly direction until you hit South Rd & follow that until you come to the Calcified Forest in the Seal Rocks Reserve, this is approximately a lazy 30 minutes driven away.

What you see is this eerie sight of a once majestic forest 7000 years ago but now petrified, the forest was exposed when the lime-laden sand that covered the forested area was removed by wind erosion. There’s not a great deal of the calcified tree trunks and roots left, time and erosion being the vandalising elements that they are have seen to that, but definitely a must see.

Visitors have described it as being eerie, fascinating and mysterious, so make sure you remember to bring your camera

There’s a beautiful little walking track from the car park to the forest through lush native vegetation, even this pretty to little walk is well worth it, native birds in abundance, wallabies and echidnas, blue-tonged lizards and oh, watch out for snakes.

The walk to the Calcified Forest is graded as Level 2 walk, suitable for most levels of fitness. There is a small flight of stairs to the forest viewing platform to contend with.

There are many interesting and varied sights and wonders to see and explore on this unique and special island, King Island is them jewel in Bass Strait Tasmania.

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