Starve! On King Island?

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One thing is for certain on King Island, if there were transport problems and the boats and planes stopped coming here, we would never starve.
Driving along the peaceful quiet roads you notice rafters of wild turkey everywhere, they belong to no one, so the idea is to grab them off their perch at night time, put them in your back yard and grain feed them for a couple of weeks to rid them of their gaminess (preferably just before Christmas is ideal) then into the oven.
Chickens, free range chickens, no shortage there either, can’t eat all of them though or else who would lay the eggs?
Duck, different varieties abound on King Island, also nice in the oven.
Pheasant, widely renowned for their succulent properties are in healthy numbers and can be added to the menu.
Californian Quail, not quite so common, but delicious.
Peacocks, yep, they’re here also and quite edible.
Mutton Bird, plenty of them in the sand dunes, mighty rich but nice.
Wallaby, Bennetts Wallaby and Pademalon to be precise, there’s about 700,000 of them bouncing around the place, and believe me, they are nice and tender, not like the tough mainland kangaroos that have to hop around all day scrounging for food, these guys just jump the fence and gorge themselves with as much grass as they want provided free of charge by exasperated livestock farmers.
Plenty of possums here, so a good possum stew probably wouldn’t go astray on a cold winters day.
Then there’s the fish, all kinds of salt water fish easily caught at almost any coastal location.
Then of course a good pig-out wouldn’t be complete without the famous, scrumptious King Island Crayfish and Abalone.
But, if worse came to worse, and we ate everything, then it would be time to start on the beef cattle; with about 25% of Tasmania’s herd here, that’s about 100,000 prime beasts, throw in a the dairy herd for milk and cheese and include the odd smattering of sheep and pig – light the fire Rhonda.
Oh yeah, just a reminder, farmers have big guns.
Horse meat is also quite good so they say but the horse-lovers would probably gang-plank you off King Island if you suggestively leered at them whilst smacking your lips.

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