Naracoopa Jetty – King Island Accommodation

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Built in 1915-1916 King Island’s Naracoopa Jetty was originally 220 meters long, however after storms and some modifications it’s now a little shorter, 199 meters to be exact. In 1946 the end of the jetty was blown away in a severe storm, it was repaired and has remained untouched until now, except for maintenance. The jetty is just a short walk along the Esplanade from King Island Accommodation Cottages.

The 100 year old jetty was becoming hazardous so a demolition order was placed on it in 1996 by the Tasmanian Government. The locals were not too happy about losing their jetty, (to say the least) so an extensive public campaign to save the jetty was mounted – by the locals, and their voices were heard loud and clear. A business plan was put forward and every car had a bumper sticker saying ‘Save the Naracoopa Jetty’. It did take a bit of time, a few years, but it happened, David took on Goliath (the Tasmanian Government) and won!

The then Tasmanian Government and the local council agreed on the council taking over the jetty and so the restoration began. The jetty was officially reopened by the Tasmanian Premier in January 2010.
The Tasmanian Government issued a payment of $1,200,000 dollars; $500,000 for the restoration and the balance of $700,000 was to be put into an account for ongoing future maintenance.

One of the difficulties was in procuring hardwood timber beams for the decking that were big and strong enough for the jetty, the timber was located in Tasmania and shipped from Circular Head to King Island. Another difficulty was sourcing a sawmill that could handle the large heavy timber, they are fast becoming scarce. However those difficulties were overcome and work began with the driving in of the replacement pylons.

The jetty remains a favourite attraction for tourists and locals alike, either just for a leisurely stroll or to drop in a line or two. Many species of fish can be caught there including Tasmanian Salmon, Barracuda, Flathead, Squid and varieties of shark to name but a few.

Be sure when visiting King Island for your next holiday to take a wander along this great piece of history.

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