King Island’s Accommodation Restaurant Without Food

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There’s a renowned restaurant on King Island, famous in fact ……. But, it has no chef, no waiters, no service and …….. NO FOOD!
WHAT! You might say – how can a restaurant have no food? Simple – bring your own!
This quaint little building is nestled on the shores of Currie Harbour on the West Coast of King Island,
and as you might imagine has a strong maritime theme.

If you happen to be enjoying a King Island Holiday then this restaurant, known locally as the Boathouse is a must. The view overlooking the harbour is magical and serene as you take in the Cray fishing fleet and other light craft coming and going to and from the wharf. There’s also plenty of shore birds of all varieties to observe showing off their plumage and aeronautical skills.

Our guests at King Island Accommodation Cottages have often used this venue to take food with them for an interesting and informative lunch. Don’t be surprised if there’s no one there to greet you, you’ll probably have the place to yourself. Once inside help yourself to a cuppa and wander around, you’ll see snippets of King Island history, a selection of local art that’s available to view or buy; an Honesty Box is provided for this purpose.

No holiday would be complete without enjoying a relaxed and extended evening meal at this unique venue.

You’ve just left you King Island accommodation for an evening out and arrived at the Boathouse. Imagine a candle-lit dinner that you’ve cooked yourself on the boathouse’s antiquated equipment or perhaps you may have picked up such local culinary delights such as King Island Crayfish, Cheese or Beef.
A bottle or two of your favourite, soak in the ambience and the atmosphere and you’ll be in for an unforgettable evening.

Talk to Caroline about an evening booking on 0429 621 180, this wonderful lady will give you some inspiring suggestions to make your evening so very special.

Oh yes, and don’t forget to do the dishes.

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