King Island’s Accommodation Disappointment Bay

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Disappointment Bay takes its name from the wreck of the convict ship Neva, which sank off the coast on May 14th 1835.
The ship left the Cove of Cork (now Cobh) on January 8, 1835 with 150 women convicts and their 35 children, 9 free women with 22 children going to join convict husbands already in Australia and a crew of 26.
It was also reported that on the night of the incident some women were so drunk on the ship that they were helpless.
In all six convict women and ten of the crew survived and they report burying around 95 bodies which were washed ashore along the beach. Seven skeletons possibly from the Neva were later found in the bush and are now buried near the Cape Wickham Lighthouse.

But looking at the bay it’s no disappointment, it is beautiful King Island scenery.

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