King Island Boat Club

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The Queenscliff to Grassy Yacht Race event enjoyed its inaugural competition in the seventies and has been going strongly ever since, it has become an important fixture on the Australian Ocean Racing Calendar.
This exciting race weekend is organised by The Ocean Racing Yacht Club of Victoria (ORCV) working in tandem with the King Island Boat Club.
It makes for a great day as the yachts finish at the Grassy Harbour on King Island where the local club members put on a convivial turn displaying the renowned warm island welcome to all and sundry, locals included. The drinks bar is open along with food and refreshments and that includes their world famous awesome steak sandwiches.
It’s a good place to get up close and personal with the ocean going crews and gives the crews a chance to socialise with their island counterparts.
Bass Strait is renowned for its treacherous waters and has claimed hundreds of ships and over a thousand lives over the last couple of hundred years since it was first chartered in 1978 by George Bass and Matthew Flinders.
Although they will be sailing from Queenscliff which means there is only a small portion of the Bass Strait to navigate.
The course is 114 nautical miles and creates some unique experiences- the gusty and changeable winds, tides and currents can make all the difference to your race.

A great day can be had at grassy Harbour so come down and enjoy the day.

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