King Island Accommodation Beef – Yum!

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King Island is world renowned for its cattle. The meat produced from beef cattle is a highly sort after product , it is superior because of the way it’s grown, the cattle graze on lush green grass that grows almost all year round in mineral rich soil and temperate climate, and because of the prolific growth of the grass cows do not have to roam far, there are many beasts per acre which in turn produces less stress mainly because they are a herd animal and are comfortable in that close environment.

King Island is a clean green island, it is averse to artificial growth hormone and chemicals, the cattle graze naturally in a pristine natural environment. A little known fact is that this tiny island  (64kms x 25kms) has 25% of Tasmania’s total herd, it’s that perfect a place to graze and grow cattle.

King Island beef is exported around Australia and the world, in fact the Japanese people love it so much they’re happy to pay a premium for this great product.

King Island Accommodation Cottages provide an excellent gas bbq, and I can tell you from personal experience that  it’s pretty hard to beat, a porterhouse steak cooked on our barbie.

There are also quite a few dairy cattle on the island, these dairies are normally small family run affairs that supply fresh milk to the King Island Cheese Factory

King Island Dairies (cheese factory) is internationally famous for its range of delicious cheeses. It’s located just 30 minutes drive away from your king Island accommodation on wonderfully scenic country roads. If you are so inclined to visit the famous cheese factory, be sure to enter the fromagerie where you can do a tasting of the many varieties of cheeses served with crackers. The shop is also open to buy cheese at greatly discounted prices, be sure to stock up and take some home with you.

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